We take great pride in looking after our environment

High Peaks management pride themselves on having a low carbon footprint, with all our cottages
having double glazed windows and doors and a high level of insulation this offers us a Six Star Energy Rating.
Our electricty is produced via a Solar Sunwerx solar panel array and is stored and maintained on site via
a SOLAX Inverter and battery storage system.

Our cleaning products and toiletries are 100 percent Eco Friendly, we also use Sureburn brand All Natural
fire lighters which are 100% Australian Made for our combustion heaters .
All of the sewage, sullage and other liquid wastes produced by the cottages are treated on site to EPA
Guidlines and Standards by our High Tech Waste Water Treatment plant.

Our firewood is collected from fallen trees but we still leave many logs on the ground as native
wildlife habitat.

Every cottage also has a 3 stage filtered drinking water system so there is NO need to bring along bottled water. 

As you can see, we are trying hard to make a difference so during your stay if you can Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
and think about the environment as we do our efforts and yours will only better our planet long term.

Thank You

Callum & Rebecca Jenkins